The 12 Powers of Man

*** Click here to view a dynamic video of Unity Church and the Paintings***


Artists Jon Winslow and Connie Carrigan have donated these 12 large original canvas abstracts (24" x 48") to hang on the walls of Unity Church of Christianity in Pensacola. 

You may order high-end, canvas, Giclee reproductions for yourself or church.  If desired, your own original abstract paintings of the 12 Powers can also be accommodated by Jon and Connie. You may contact Jon Winslow at (850)221-4897 for more information and price estimate, depending on size and related shipping costs.


Mini  (18" x 34" for $159) Giclee reproductions on archival paper, nicely black framed (see below), of these abstracts with associated 12 Power descriptions, month, etc. are available at Unity Pensacola's Book Store.  These must be ordered in advance and are not available for shipping. You can call Unity at (850)438-2277 for more info about these mini versions and their 12 Powers monthly descripitions, etc.

Directly below is a sample of the black framed giclee for the month of May - "Power".  The others will have a similar style for the month that you desire and the associated description for that month.  Samples of the images follow below the sample.